Oregon Reference Notebook

for the

Indiana Criminal Law and
Sentencing Policy Study Committee

Hearing on September 8, 2010

Letter from ONDCP Director Gil Kerlikowske (PDF) (518kb) 

Front Cover (PDF) (44kb)

Index (PDF) (274kb)

Tab 1     Testimony (PDF) (70kb)

Tab 2     PowerPoint Presentation
(PDF) (1.8mb)

Tab 3     Recent Articles Debating the Issue
(PDF) (1.9mb)

Tab 4     Oregon:  Fact Sheet, Charts, and Legislation (PDF) (204kb)

Tab 5     Oregon:  Letters (PDF) (396kb)

Tab 6     Oregon:  Editorial, Op Ed, and Articles (PDF) (497kb)

Tab 7     Oregon:  Meth Task Force Final Report (PDF) (182kb)

Tab 8     Kentucky:  Graph and Letters (PDF) (2.5mb)

Tab 9     Mississippi:  Articles (PDF) (115kb)

Tab 10   National:  Letters (PDF) (209kb)

Tab 11   National:  NMPI Position Paper (PDF) (387kb)

Tab 12   National:  MPP Information (PDF) (109kb)

Tab 13   National:  2010 Drug Control Strategy (p70-71) (PDF) (65kb)

Tab 14   Reponses:  To Industry Misinformation (PDF) (646kb)

Tab 15   Additional Information:  Law Review Article and Bio (PDF) (700kb)

Back Cover (PDF) (197kb)

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