Information and documents

relating to

Missouri state and municipal efforts
and ordinances returning
pseudoephedrine to a prescription drug


March 9, 2011, hearing in state legislature
Testimony (PDF) (589kb)
PowerPoint (PDF) (1.7mb)

Municipal efforts
Map: Prescription-only pseudoephedrine pharmacies (1/4/11) (PDF) (289kb)
Initial report on PSE sales in the City of Washington (PDF) (58kb)
Attorney General opinion upholding local authority (PDF) (344kb)
Letter to the Washington City Council from the Missouri ACLU (PDF) (657kb)
     Response to the letter from the Missouri ACLU (PDF) (29kb)
Letter to Jefferson County Council from the industry (CHPA) (PDF) (81kb)
     Response to CHPA letter (PDF) (29kb)
Letter to the Editor by Jefferson County Executive Chuck Banks (PDF) (18kb)
Op Ed by Washington City Councilman Guy Midkiff (PDF) (21kb)
Letter from David Meador, RPh (PDF) (13kb)
Editorial: Time to face cold truth The Joplin Globe


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