Best Bluffing Tips by Poker Pros

Bluffing in poker is not a practice that needs regular attention. It is a natural skill that comes out from a poker pro when needed. A good act of bluff can make the best poker readers fold, but only when it is used at the right moment. If you want to bluff more but do not know when to do it, these bluffing tips by pros will help you out.

Steal blinds more often

When you have just joined the table, and no one knows your game style, it is a smart move to be aggressive. You can play aggressively at the start and steal the blinds from others. This strategy is more effective while playing online as they will quickly fold if they do not have good hands at blinds. You do not need a good hand to steal blinds. You just need a lot of confidence or at least more than your opponents.

3-bet light before the flop

This is a common bluff used by poker pros to pressure their opponents. Even when the opponent feels that it is a bluff, they will hesitate to take such a risk. You can play this bluff in the late positions. This strategy will help to make an opponent feel that they have made a mistake by raising.

4-bet light before the flop

This is another strategy that you must master from the pros. If the other opponent is too confident to raise on your raise, what do you do? Before the flop, if an opponent re-raises you, you strike back with another raise. This will make the opponent feel that you are serious about taking their money in this hand, and they might fold after that. Although, be careful while using this bluff only at times when you still expect to win.

Bluff raise the flop

The next bluff you can make is after the flop. This bet may not be the most used bet because most players will know their cards and make better decisions. You are also vulnerable to getting trapped by other players. But if you do this right, this can be the perfect spot for you to bluff raise. Every opponent who is less obvious about playing the hand will fold, which will increase your chances of winning.

Bluff Raise

Float the flop and bet the turn

Bluffing is not just used to steal money with bad cards. It is also a great strategy to trap your opponents with your good cards. This bluff requires that you have a good hand with the flop. If you have more than a 90% chance of winning this bet, you can skip the pre turn raise. This way, you will know whether your opponent raises or checks. If your opponent makes the mistake of raising, you can trap them after the turn to secure your win.

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