Get Answers To Why OPT For The Wacky Panda slots

Most paylines and bobbins are not necessarily the rule when it comes to online slots. Perhaps in its beauty masks the real charm of sports. 新加坡赌场 This is the case with Wacky Panda of Microgaming, a single payline 3-reel online slot. It can’t go more fundamental than that.在线赌场   While most virtual players are used to more complex games with at least 5 reels, screens, wildlife and bonus features, players still have classical casino fun. That is why Wacky Panda has been developed by Microgaming.

The graphics Play Cards, Card, Casino, Game, Heart


The game’s graphics are magnificent and nearly every location on the buckets displays the lovable panda. The nature of this game makes spinning enjoyable and also making money. It is really quick to change the size of the bet with the menu under the reels. On the right side of the playlist, there is also a pay- table where players can see the amount of credits for each Wacky Panda mix.

Why panda slots 

Many believe panda is a fortunate animal. It’s no joke that many casino games use that beautiful animal as a mascot. That is the reason why Microgaming chose to use this classic online slot’s panda as the main character.

The name of the game is really fitting since the panda can be seen in the reels in various shapes. There are also many examples of the setting where this beautiful animal can normally be found.

Built-up of reels 

Bamboo sticks, which are panda’s most favourite food, ‘constructed’ the reels of the film. Wacky Panda’s logo resides on the reels, where it is possible to land on pandas and fruits which can also feed the friend.

In the wild, where the adorable pandas hide, players will hold the history. On the left side of the frame, you see light beams gnawing among bamboo trees. The waterfall flows down into a water bowl, which displays the calm and harmony of nature within.

Dramatic sound quality 

Gamble, Gambling, Risk, Poker, CasinoThere is no question that Microgaming’s gaming developers are able to produce impeccable titles, and that Wacky Panda will certainly show with his awesome graphics. Any player can live up to their immersive sound effects from this online slot. You can easily picture the waterfall and the sound of nature accompanying the adorable pandas of the game if you shut your eyes.

The design and layout 

Wacky Panda is your taste if you’re a fan of retro casino games. Although this game is not a wild or scattering sign, certain pandas will give players lucrative pay-outs. There are not enough pandas.

There are pandas everywhere, as the title of this online slot suggest. The highest paid icon is a beautiful red panda bear with a watermelon like chaff. Even a single red panda will win 30 credits to players. A yellow panda that looks very distressed because of the slip it slides through banana peel is the next icon on the pay-table section.

A pretty cute purple panda is the next icon in the game. It has the eyes and the head of a single grape. The blue one is second on the list of adorable Pandas. It looks a bit odd, as it has a wide grin and a cool stance with its dark sunglasses. We’ve got the black panda facing the screen with its back but not least from the species community of symbols, but its head turns to the players. This beautiful bear has stuck her tongue and looks pretty bizarre.

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